Web developer

I am a versatile professional with expertise in web development, logo design, and photography, offering a unique blend of creativity and technical skills to tackle diverse projects. I’m based in Aarhus,Denmark


A Wide Variety of Skills for an Array of Projects

With a comprehensive skill set encompassing web development, logo design, and photography, along with proficiency in Git and an understanding of Scrum, I offer a versatile approach to projects.

My expertise spans HTML, CSS, and frameworks like React, as well as CMS platforms such as WordPress. Utilizing tools like PyCharm and Visual Studio Code, I ensure efficient and effective development workflows.

Moreover, I employ Figma for wireframing, allowing for seamless design and prototyping. With a strong understanding of database modeling, I have worked extensively with MySQL and MongoDB, ensuring optimal data management. With a combination of technical prowess, creative design skills, and effective project management, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.

Shopify E-commerce

I have the expertise and skills to create fully functional and visually appealing e-commerce websites using the powerful Shopify platform. With my knowledge of Shopify’s features, I can assist in setting up online stores, customizing designs, managing products, and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

WordPRess CMS

Working with clients to understand their requirements, designing and developing custom WordPress themes and plugins. And ensuring that the website is optimized for performance, security and search engines.

Programming Languages

I have a proficient understanding of Python, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and MongoDB, allowing me to effectively develop and maintain websites with dynamic functionality and efficient database management.


I leverage the power of frameworks such as React and Flask to build robust and scalable web applications. With React, I create interactive and responsive user interfaces, while Flask enables me to develop efficient and flexible backend systems, resulting in a seamless user experience.


Skilled in researching, planning, and executing photo assignments, often working under tight deadlines and in high-pressure environments


I possess a strong understanding of Git, a widely used version control system for tracking changes in software development projects.


Web developer

Bachelor degree


Bachelor degree

Multimedia designer

Associate Profession

Key competencies

Collaboration and communication skills

I have the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts.

Continuous improvement mindset

Commitment to continuous improvement and the ability to adapt to changing requirements and feedback.

Let’s Build Something

Let’s Build Something Together! If you’re looking to bring your ideas to life, whether it’s a website, a brand logo, or capturing memorable moments through photography, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m ready to collaborate and create something amazing with you!

Email: jn@jamesn.dk

Tel: +4560525292